Turkey & the Wolf

turkey and the wolf new orleans la

Turkey and the Wolf New Orleans LA

There’s a new sandwich shop on the block in the Lower Garden District, and it’s not what you may expect from a typical New Orleans lunch spot.

Turkey & the Wolf was opened in 2016 with the hopes of keeping a simple menu. The menu is filled with creative and innovative sandwiches and “not sandwiches.” Swade, a sous chef at Turkey & the Wolf, talked about the menu.

“Most of the people in the back of the house have worked in fine dining around New Orleans,” he says. “We wanted to open a place where we could be creative with the menu, but keep it small at the same time.”

And the goal for the food was simple.

“We just make whatever we think tastes good,” says Swade. “Like our fried bologna sandwich with salt and vinegar chips. What’s not to like about that?”

The small and simple sandwich menu at Turkey & the Wolf doesn’t mean that the crew is sacrificing quality of ingredients or ignoring techniques they carried over from fine dining.

“Our goal with our sandwiches is to make a fully composed dish in sandwich form,” says Swade. “We’re all extremely serious about our food here.”

Sandwich shops aren’t exactly scarce in New Orleans, so we asked Swade what is setting Turkey & the Wolf apart from the crowd.

“Most sandwich shops in New Orleans are serving poboys,” he says. “Nothing against poboys, but we’re probably one of the few places that aren’t serving them.”

And it’s not enough to just have great food. Turkey & the Wolf is keeping things fun and quirky, especially on social media. (Seriously, go follow them on Instagram for a good laugh.)

“It’s just a really fun place to be and work,” says Swade. “We feel like we’ve created a place where locals want to come hang out.”

Awooooooo. (That’s the sound a wolf makes.)

Turkey & the Wolf is located at 739 Jackson Ave. New Orleans, LA. For more information, visit the Turkey & the Wolf website or call (504) 218-7428.