National WWII Museum

the national WWII museum new orleans la

The National WWII Museum New Orleans LA

Rarely do people associate New Orleans with World War II. The National WWII Museum is a massive, historically rich collection of exhibits that highlight the global effects of WWII.

The museum is totally unique and set up chronologically. This allows the visitors to experience the event as they would have happened in the era, which begins to resonate emotionally for some.

Start your tour of the museum at the Louisiana Memorial Pavilion, which plays host to The Arsenal of Democracy: The Herman and George Brown Salute to the Home Front, the museum’s exhibit that is dedicated to the war efforts on the home front. To go along with the home front efforts, a fully decorated kitchen and living room from the era ties the exhibit together. 

Also housed within The Arsenal of Democracy is the iconic LCVP or ‘Higgins Boat’ from the amphibious assault of Normandy. Completely lowered, the ramp allows visitors to peer inside the vessel and put themselves in the boots of a young allied soldier.

There are two major exhibits with multiple sub-exhibits within each.


The Road to Berlin focuses on the western campaigns. Within the exhibit, there are multiple captivating highlights and exhibits:

  • Desert War in Northern Africa
  • Invasion of Sicily
  • Italian Campaign
  • Air War
  • D-Day Theater
  • Northwestern Europe
  • Breaching the German Frontier Bunker
  • Battle of the Bulge
  • Into the German Homeland

The Road to Tokyo exhibit showcased the Pacific conflict. The exhibit offers the following highlights:

  • Facing the Rising Sun
  • Japanese Onslaught
  • The New Naval Warfare
  • Guadalcanal
  • Fighting in the Tropics
  • Footholds Across the Pacific
  • China-Burma-India
  • Philippines
  • First Assault on Japanese Soil
  • Atomic Bomb in Japan

The National WWII Museum is an absolute must-see for history buffs!

The National WWII Museum is located at 945 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA. For more information, visit The National WWII Museum website or call (504) 528-1944.