Garden District Walking Tours

Garden District Tour New Orleans LA

Garden District Tour New Orleans LA

While walking around New Orleans on your own is certainly enjoyable, a walking tour with a knowledgeable guide can help uncover some of the facts and mysteries of New Orleans.

But certain walking tours certainly stand out from the crowd. Free Tours by Foot are, as the name suggests, free walking tours that take place in multiple locations around New Orleans. Sarah, our tour guide for the Garden District and Lafayette Cemetery #1, spoke about the free tour.

“New Orleans is my boyfriend,” she says with a smile. “It’s important to me that people, no matter how much money they have, are able to see the city I love.”

Sarah spent years teaching in the New Orleans public school system, but now she spends her days doing a different brand of teaching. Her tour through Lafayette Cemetery #1 and the Garden District is loaded with historical facts and anecdotes that you simply won’t find elsewhere.

The tour starts at Lafayette Cemetery #1, beneath the beautiful vaulting magnolia trees. The above ground burial method in New Orleans is something that is unique to the area. Because of this method, the cemeteries have drawn visitors and history buffs for generations.

New Orleans also has a unique outlook on death and cemeteries. Sarah offers tips on how to decipher your next conversation with us locals.

“When we ask, ‘where’s your family at,’ we want to know where your family is buried,” she says. “People in New Orleans feel a strong connection to certain cemeteries.”

The tour eventually moves from the cemetery to the neighborhood streets of the Garden District. During this part of the tour, Sarah points out the different styles of architecture and historic homes. Although the tour focuses more on historical information, Sarah points out some celebrity homes.

Sarah and the team are a wealth of knowledge and deliver some of the best walking tours in New Orleans. Since the tours are free, we encourage you to name your own price to show your appreciation.

For more information or a list of other tours, visit the Free Tours by Foot website or call (504) 222-2967.