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best gumbo new orleans

Best Gumbo New Orleans

Gumbo, gumbo, gumbo. It’s all everyone is talking about around the Big Easy. But if you think we’re crazy for being obsessed with our gumbo, it’s because you haven’t tried it yet. Luckily, we spend our days sniffing out the best gumbo the city has to offer. Here are five of our favorite gumbos in New Orleans.

209 Bourbon St
(504) 525-2021

Since 1905, Galatoire’s has been the pinnacle of fine dining in the French Quarter. When it comes to gumbo, they haven’t changed a single thing since the old days. The gumbo has a traditional, super dark Cajun-style roux with andouille sausage, shredded duck, trinity and rich duck stock. Just as a heads up, gents are expected to wear jackets in the dining room. If you’re looking for gumbo in its purest form, take a seat at Galatoire’s.

713 St Louis St
(504) 581-4422

As the oldest restaurant in New Orleans, and the oldest family-owned restaurant in the U.S., Antoine’s truly stands alone. A Grande Dame, Antoine’s breathes fine dining — if these walls could talk! That being said, the Gombo Créole is certainly living up to the hype. With blue crab, oysters and gulf shrimp, Antoine’s gumbo is among the most flavorful in the Big Easy. (Don’t fill up too much on the Pommes de Terre Soufflées.)

Dooky Chase’s
2301 Orleans Ave
(504) 821-0600

Playing an integral part of the civil rights movement in New Orleans, Dooky Chase’s restaurant opened for business in 1946. Leah Chase, the matriarch of the kitchen at Dooky Chase’s, reminded us that gumbo is kind of like going fishing: “You get what you get.” That being said, the gumbo ingredients change day-to-day at this fine establishment. Don’t look for any Cajun roux here; it’s a lighter Creole roux.

4330 Magazine St
(504) 895-9761

You may have heard about Casamento’s famous Oyster Loaf, or maybe you just heard that it’s the best place on Magazine for a dozen on the half shell. What’s creeping under the radar? The gumbo. Uncle CJ is still cooking in big cast iron pots and loading his gumbo with classic ingredients and a few secrets. You can expect a darker roux here and tons of rich flavors.

Royal House
441 Royal St
(504) 528-2601

It seems like you can get gumbo just about anywhere in New Orleans, but gumbo with a view? That’s where Royal House enters the arena. This French Quarter oasis boasts a huge wrap-around balcony on the second floor, offering the perfect view of the debauchery down below. Their gumbo is a traditional New Orleans stew with a dark roux, chicken, andouille sausage and white rice, served with two pieces of soft French Bread. Tell your server that you’d like to add shrimp — you won’t regret it.