Best Red Beans and Rice New Orleans


Feb 04


Feb 05


What’s all the fuss about red beans and rice?

Well, other than it being delicious, it’s a New Orleans tradition that has stood the test of time. Back in the old days, the women of the house would do all of the cleaning and laundry on Monday. Since this was a laborious and taxing way to start the week, dinner had to be something easy. The result? Red beans and rice on Monday, baby. Some places still respect the old ways by exclusively serving the dish on Monday, but not everywhere. Here are four of our favorite red beans and rice sanctuaries in the city.


1518 N Lopez St
(504) 218-7888

It’s “by the track” because of its close proximity to the horse track. And when you’re done playing the ponies, slide by for some authentic New Orleans red beans and rice. Liuzza’s is keeping it old school and only offering the red beans and rice on Monday. Come find out why this place is ground zero for Jazz Fest.

2401 St Ann St
(504) 822-9503

Okay, we’re not trying to cause any controversy here. We know that Willie Mae’s is where you go for fried chicken, and we highly recommend you do. However, they’re also plating up some of the best red beans and rice in the city. Expect the classic bowl here without any meat. Once it’s all gone, it’s gone, so make sure you get here early.

3001 Magazine St
(504) 891-0997

Planning on doing some shopping on Magazine Street? Some red beans and rice will keep you going. Joey K’s has some award-winning red beans and rice, taking home the third place trophy in the Bean Madness tournament. These red beans and rice are served on a huge plate with andouille sausage.

219 N Peters St
(504) 525-4111

“Divine Food Until 2:00 am.” It actually says this beneath the icon of St. Lawrence, the patron saint of chefs. When the party is going into the morning and your craving for red beans and rice isn’t satisfied, St. Lawrence is here to bless your taste buds. These red beans and rice are served with grilled andouille, collards and a piece of cornbread on the side. Let us pray.