Willie Maes Scotch House


Feb 04


Feb 05


Fried chicken is a huge part of Southern cuisine, and just about everyone claims they have the best. However, there’s really only one place that can truly claim that title: Willie Mae’s Scotch House.

Since 1957, Willie Mae’s Scotch House has been serving the 6th Ward and visitors from around the world. In 2005, the restaurant received the James Beard Award and has been recognized by the Food Network and Travel Channel as having “America’s Best Fried Chicken.”

Let’s go ahead and get this out of the way. When you come to Willie Mae’s, just expect a crowd and a line stretching outside. We are talking about the best fried chicken in America, after all. (The wait is worth it — we promise.)

Now that you’re prepared, let’s talk about the chicken. The entree is simply labeled “Fried Chicken” and that’s exactly what you get. Three pieces of fried chicken and your choice of a side — no special orders! They do offer chicken tenders, but “when in Rome”.

Your first bite of this chicken … and all of your worries will melt away. The outside is golden brown, crispy and bursting with soulful flavor. The inside is juicy and cooked to perfection — you’ll have dreams of this moment for weeks.

The sides at Willie Mae’s are far from an afterthought. As a matter of fact, they’re just as popular as the chicken. Whether you get the classic New Orleans red beans or the ever popular mac & cheese, you simply can’t go wrong.

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Willie Mae’s Scotch House is located at 2401 St Ann St, New Orleans, LA. For more information, visit the Willie Mae’s Scotch House website or call (504) 822-9503.