Southern Candymakers


Feb 04


Feb 05


Pralines and New Orleans go together like peas and carrots … errr, sugar and butter?

Southern Candymakers takes the classic New Orleans candy and keeps it old school, which means they use only the freshest ingredients to make their pralines in-house. 

Preparing the pralines from scratch has a unique effect on unsuspecting pedestrians. 

“Our best advertisement is the smell going right out those doors and onto the street,” says MJ, the Marketing Manager. “People always want to stop here.” 

And if the smell is bringing the customers in, the taste is what keeps them coming back for more.

Part of the magic at Southern Candymakers is getting to watch the praline and chocolate kitchens in action. Everything is made in fresh, small batches to ensure the best taste. There’s no better time to eat a praline than right out of the kitchen.

“Lots of people visit here every time they are in New Orleans,” says MJ. “We’ve even had people in here during their honeymoon.”

southern candymakers

“People always ask me how long our pralines last,” says MJ. “You wouldn’t wait three weeks to eat a croissant, would you?”

But if you have to wait, MJ later assured us that Southern Candymakers delicious pralines ship well around the country, so don’t fret. 

Southern Candymakers still finds time to change up its original creamy pralines with chewy ones. The team handmakes the caramel and mixes it with the original pralines, and adding a “hint” of maple. These ooey-gooey twists on the classic are giving the originals a run for their money. 

“We like to give our candymakers room to be creative and try new things,” says MJ. “Unless it’s Mardi Gras … then we just try to survive the rush.” 

Life is always sweet at the candy store. 

Southern Candymakers is located at 334 Decatur St, New Orleans, LA. For more information, visit the Southern Candymakers website or call (504) 523-5544