Old Point Bar


Feb 04


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Algiers Point comes off as a sleepy little neighborhood on the West Bank. But when the sun goes down, the Old Point Bar is where you are sure to find a party. 

Old Point Bar is a historic landmark on Algiers Point. Patti, the bartender at Old Point bar, told us a bit about what makes Old Point Bar special. 

“This building has been here for over 100 years,” she says. “It was a dry goods store back in the day.” 

But that is not the only thing that makes this bar unique. 

“It’s also the most filmed bar in the city,” says Patti. “We are pretty famous for our appearances in movies and shows.” 



“People get lured in by the music and stay for the great prices and atmosphere.” 

Old Pint Bar

The Old Point Bar is a wide open area with tons of Louisiana paraphernalia and flags. And if the weather is nice on the West Bank, the doors and windows will be open to let in the Algiers Point breeze. 

The music stage is not hard to miss at the Old Point Bar. That’s because there is live music just about every night. Patti thinks this might catch some stragglers. 

“Most people come to Algiers Point to just walk around and explore the neighborhood,” she says. 

And if you like a little friendly competition and banter while you bend your elbows, Old Point Bar has a great pool and darts room in the back–you’ll want to have a camera ready for the walls covered in notes from decades of thirsty patrons. 

Don’t miss an opportunity to become part of Algiers Point history at Old Point Bar. 

Old Point Bar is located at 545 Patterson Rd, New Orleans, LA. For more information or to look at upcoming music acts, visit the Old Point Bar website or call (504) 364-0950.