Feb 04


Feb 05


Magazine Street is one of the premier shopping locations in New Orleans. One of our favorite boutique shops is Miette. 

Miette translates to “small sweet thing” or “little crumb.” The name was taken from a French film and has the same name that was given to Angela Jackson’s, the owner of Miette, daughter. 

What can you expect to see at Miette? A little bit of everything! Plenty of trendy enamel pins, cards, stickers, outfits, beauty products and much more! Jess, one of the team members at Miette, spoke to us about the shop. 

“We like to think of ourselves as a local art and jewelry boutique,” she says. “But we’re certainly not limited to just art and jewelry.” 

And if you’re interested in seeing the local talent in New Orleans, Miette is your one-stop-shop. 



“We feel like this is our way of giving back to the community. When we all make money together, we all succeed.” 


“We have over 200 artists under one roof,” says Jess. “Since most of these artists don’t have a storefront, so it’s great that we can offer a place for them to make some money.”

Jess thinks that Miette’s business model is helping to build up the arts community in New Orleans. 

No two trips to Miette are the same. 

“This place is a labyrinth of ever changing gifts,” says Jess. “You get to see something new every time you come in here.” 

But the constant rotation of gifts and art requires customers to give in to their impulses every now and then. 

“If you see something you really want here, you have to get it,” says Jess. “If you come back next week, that item might not be here anymore.” 

Treat yourself to something unique at Miette on Magazine. 

Miette is located at 2038 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA. For more information, visit the Miette website or call (504) 522-2883.