Liuzza’s by the Track


Feb 04


Feb 05


We don’t even try to hide the fact that we love po-boys here at The Mercantile Hotel. While the classic po-boy will always have a special place in our hearts, we’re always looking for someone doing something unique.

Liuzza’s by the Track serves a BBQ Shrimp Po-Boy unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

“Our po-boy is different because we use a French bread pistolet,” says Lindy, a server at Liuzza’s by the Track. “All of our shrimp is fresh and sauteed in New Orleans style BBQ sauce.”

The pistolet, baked fresh and delivered by Leidenheimer’s, is hollowed out on the inside and then stuffed full of shrimp smothered in a butter lemon pepper sauce. The shrimp is overflowing out of the pistolet and onto the plate — you might need a fork.

If shrimp isn’t your bag, the chef at Liuzza’s by the Track is also making a pretty mean gumbo that can stand toe-to-toe with the best in the city.

“Roadrunner makes a 30-gallon pot of gumbo at least two to three times a week,” says Lindy. “He’s super secretive about his recipe, too. He will be up in the middle of the night making the gumbo. It has a cornucopia of seasonings.”

Since Liuzza’s by the Track is so close to the fairgrounds, people rally here during Jazz Fest. It’s not uncommon to see a block party happening outside of Liuzza’s during events.

Liuzza’s by the Track is not to be confused with Liuzza’s Restaurant & Bar around the corner. It’s not even the same owner. (We know, it’s confusing.)

Put this mid-city gem on your New Orleans bucket list today.

Liuzza’s by the Track is located at 1518 N Lopez St, New Orleans, LA. For more information or to see a menu, visit the Liuzza’s by the Track website or call (504) 218-7888.