Killer Poboys


Feb 04


Feb 05


There are certainly those who believe the poboy sandwich is better left alone. Whether it’s the classic french fries and gravy or the timeless roast beef au jus, room for improvement has seemed limited over the years. 

That is until Chef Cam Bordeaux came along and flipped the poboy scene on its head. Cam and his wife April started serving specialty poboys out of Erin Rose, a popular dive located just off of Bourbon Street. The twist? These poboys are unlike anything you’ve seen before. 

Drawing inspiration from Southeast Asia, Bordeaux threw together what would become the locally loved Seared Gulf Shrimp. Using bread from Dong Phuong Bakery, this poboy resembles something you might expect to find in a Vietnamese deli … certainly not a poboy shop. The sandwich is chock-full of fresh Gulf shrimp, daikon radish, carrots and cucumbers, finished with a spicy sriracha aioli — sort of a Big Easy bánh mì.

But that’s not to say that Killer PoBoys is trying to be something it’s not. The Black Beer Beef Debris hits closer to the familiar poboy wheelhouse. This shredded beef behemoth is packed with pickled peppers and green beans, then topped with a zesty horseradish sauce. 

Killer is also tugging your nostalgia strings, pulling away from poboys with contemporary adjustments to childhood comforts. The Whiskey Grilled Cheese combines Irish Whiskey with aged cheddar melted over whole grain bread. (Okay, maybe mom didn’t make it exactly like this.)

Bordeaux eventually branched out from Erin Rose into what was appropriately named Big Killer PoBoys, a gritty, alternative location in the French Quarter fray. The inside is without frills, featuring white walls and simplistic tables peppered through the dining area — the poboys add pizzazz. 

Bonus: All of the ingredients at Killer PoBoys are sourced fresh and locally, so your next poboy feast will be guilt-free. 

Killer PoBoys is located at 219 Dauphine St. For more information, visit the Killer PoBoys website or call (504) 462-2731.