Juan’s Flying Burrito


Feb 04


Feb 05


Juan’s Flying Burrito first arrived on the scene in New Orleans in 1997. The vision? To create the world’s first Creole Taqueria. And what better location than right in the Lower Garden District on Magazine? 

As soon as you walk in, you will notice that Juan’s Flying Burrito has a bit of an edge to it. Phil, a long-time employee of Juan’s Flying Burrito, spoke to us about the vibe. 

“We kind of have a more punk rock vibe here,” he says. “That’s pretty unique for this area.

And that’s not the only thing that is unique at Juan’s. Phil had plenty to say about what goes on in the kitchen. 

“Everything we cook here is done on the grill,” he says. “And it’s all made to order. You can taste the difference.”

With a name like “Juan’s Flying Burrito,” it’s no surprise that the burritos are high on the list of favorites. Phil pointed out some of the stars on the burrito menu.

“The Jerk Chicken is definitely a local favorite,” he says. “The Super Green is also becoming more popular for people who are looking for a healthier option.”

When you start to look for something to wash down these delicious burritos, Juan’s has an impressive margarita menu. 

“Our House Rox Margarita is something we recommend to everyone,” he says. “All of our margaritas are made with fresh juice in-house. We’ve even won an award for having the best margaritas in New Orleans.” 

Since no meal is complete without something sweet at the end, Juan’s Flying Burrito has Churro Cookies and Cupcakes for dessert. 

Lunch is better when it’s wrapped in a tortilla–go check out Juan’s Flying Burrito today.

Juan’s Flying Burrito is located at 2018 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA. For more information, visit the Juan’s Flying Burrito website or call (504) 569-0000.

Don’t be surprised if your dog comes out with an official announcement to the restaurant — we’ll let this part be a bit of a surprise. Al talked to us about keeping things unique at Dat Dog.

“We always want this to be a fun and festive place where people want to eat,” he says. “Everyone that works here has individuality and we don’t suppress that.”

“Embrace your bliss” today at Dat Dog.

Dat Dog is located at 3336 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA. For more information, visit the Dat Dog website or call (504) 324-2226.