Feb 04


Feb 05


“Sorry, We’re Open.”

That’s what the sign says before you walk in. But you definitely won’t be sorry that you visited Joey K’s on Magazine.

Even though the building itself dates all the way back to 1847, Joey K’s of today does a pretty good job of hiding it. But that’s not to say the building is without its charms. (Read the signs all over the walls — they’re entertaining.)

When Cindy Farnet purchased the building in 1989, she was definitely moving into uncharted territory.

“I had never even worked in a restaurant before,” says Cindy. “I was actually a dental sales rep before I owned this place.”

Rolling the dice paid off because Joey K’s continues to be one of the most popular neighborhood restaurants in the Lower Garden District. What can you hope to eat at Joey K’s? A little bit of everything New Orleans has to offer and then some, but that all depends on what day it is. Whether you come in for white beans on Monday or meatloaf on Thursday, it’ll take you a minute to try everything.

But if we’re going for the best, you can’t stop here without trying the award-winning red beans and rice — and yes, they’re served all week long. By the way, if you’ve ever wondered why red beans and rice seem to only be served on Monday, you have to go back in time a bit.

“Back in the day in New Orleans, the women would do the cleaning and laundry on Mondays,” says Cindy. “Red beans and rice was just a simple dish that didn’t take a lot of time to make.”

Boom … history. Anyways, back to Joey K’s red beans and rice.

“We won third place in the local red beans and rice tournament called Bean Madness,” says Chef Smitty. “We’ve tweaked the recipe a bit, and we’re still chasing first place.” 

A lot of people in this town make red beans and rice, so yeah … it’s a big deal.

Once people try Joey K’s, it’s usually not the last time.

“We have so many regulars here that become part of our family over time,” says Cindy. “We even have servers that have worked here for almost 20 years.”

Become the newest regular at Joey K’s.

Joey K’s is located at 3001 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA.

For more information, visit the Joey K’s Facebook or call (504) 891-0997.