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Feb 05


Galatoire’s has been synonymous with New Orleans fine dining since it opened in 1905. Founded by Jean Galatoire, an immigrant from a small village in Southern France, Galatoire’s is the standard-bearer for French Creole cuisine.

The interior of the main dining room is bright, vibrant, filled with mirrors and the buzz of local conversation.

“You’ll notice that there’s no music or art in the dining room,” says Melvin Rodrigue, president and CEO of Galatoire’s. “Everything that happens is created by you and the other patrons in the room. The guests themselves become the art and music.”

And this is not a place where people are speaking in hushed whispers. The energy is electric and intoxicating.

Gentlemen are required to wear jackets in the dining room. Melvin spoke to us about his unwillingness to bend this rule, even in an increasingly casual world. 

“It’s all about tradition,” he says. “If people are on the fence because of the dress code, I would just say that it’s worth it.”

And it’s that dedication to tradition that pairs nicely with the magic word at Galatoire’s: consistency.

“We do the same exact thing here every day,” says Melvin. “Generations of families have worked and dined here. We can make the turtle soup wrong, but we’d have to make it wrong every day.”

Keeping things consistent at Galatoire’s is what fosters an extremely loyal and strong local following.

“On any given night, I personally know half of the guests in the dining room,” says Melvin. “Our customers are just as passionate about this restaurant as we are.”

The menu is steeped in traditional French Creole cuisine. The iconic Turtle Soup au Sherry features turtle, trinity, tomatoes, veal stock, medium brown roux and a side of Sherry to be poured over the top — a truly unique experience.

For the entrée, the beautifully prepared Trout Amandine has long been a favorite at Galatoire’s. A French classic, the fish is fried with a brown butter sauce and sprinkled with slivered almonds for a warm, flaky and delicate bite.

Become part of the art and music at Galatoire’s.

Galatoire’s is located at 209 Bourbon St, New Orleans, LA. For more information or to make a reservation, visit the Galatoire’s website or call (504) 525-2021.