Emeril’s Delmonico


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Founded by Anthony Commander, brother of Emile Commander of Commander’s Palace, Delmonico on St. Charles originally opened in 1895. Modeled after the swanky Delmonico in New York City, the New Orleans offshoot explored a more casual Creole cuisine that better suited the demographic and locale. 

Fast forward to 1998. Celebrity chef and food television titan Emeril Lagasse renovated and overhauled Delmonico, eventually branding it as Emeril’s Delmonico. The once quaint and rustic decor of Delmonico had been transformed into a grandiose feat of fine dining. 

Emeril’s Delmonico is two stories of high ceilings, white tablecloths, elegantly carved wooden chandeliers and a refined bar serving luxurious libations. Emeril tipped his chef’s hat to Delmonico’s storied past and created a menu that celebrated Creole classics, but didn’t shy away from innovative ideas. 

Forged in the culinary crucible of innovation, the Chicory Coffee Crème Brûlée has transformed the way New Orleans locals and visitors enjoy beignets.

“We found the inspiration from coffee and beignets at Cafe du Monde. And we’re using cinnamon as well as sugar on the beignets. Between the sweet from the beignets and the bitterness of the coffee, it’s a perfectly balanced dessert.”

Emerils Delmonico

Crack through the delicate Crème Brûlée crust, and dive into the velvety ganache for a perfectly layered bite of chocolate and chicory. The beignets on the side offer a chewy, sweet accompaniment that propels your beignet experience from casual to classy. 

But Emeril isn’t changing a thing when it comes to paying homage to classics like Turtle Soup Au Sherry or Gumbo, two quintessential Crescent City comfort dishes that have flourished in the vanguard of time. 

Since Emeril’s Delmonico is right on St. Charles, we recommend an evening ride on the streetcar as the preferred mode of transportation. (You can even name it ‘Desire.’)  

Emeril’s Delmonico is located at 1300 St Charles Ave. For more information, visit the Emeril’s Delmonico website or call (504) 525-4937.