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Feb 04


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There are plenty of ice cream shops and coffee houses in New Orleans, but only one place that puts the two together. Drip Affogato Bar opened in 2016 and boasts the only affogato bar in the world!

What’s affogato? Traditionally, affogato is a scoop (or two) of Italian gelato with a shot of espresso poured over the top. Drip Affogato Bar is respecting tradition, but also trying a lot of new and innovative ideas.

The interior of Drip Affogato Bar was made to be photographed. The bright white walls, plenty of natural light pouring in through the city street windows, vintage appliances and roomy bar area make the shop both inviting and captivating.

This attention to detail was no accident. Juley, the owner of Drip Affogato Bar, worked in digital marketing and has a background in business. Juley spoke to us about her shop.

“This place is just my wild imagination that has turned into a reality,” she says.


And her imagination has led to some wonderfully delicious treats. The Classique features Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream, pistachios, stroopwafel and a shot of espresso served on the side for you to “drip” when ready. For a modern twist that is exclusive to Drip Affogato Bar, try the Cookie Monster: Mexican hot chocolate ice cream, cookie crumbles, chocolate syrup and hot chocolate to pour over.

Juley recommended a safe option for first timers at Drip Affogato Bar.

“Our flight is popular because this is a very new experience for most people,” she says. “It allows them to sample different things. Next time they come in, they will usually order their favorite from the flight.”

Making people feel welcome and educated is part of Juley’s mission.

“We don’t want people to feel intimidated or like they can’t ask questions,” she says. “We will walk you through the process and make sure you have as much information as you need.”

Juley has watched Drip Affogato Bar slowly turn into more than just a place to get ice cream and coffee.

“It’s really a great place for people to come hang out,” she says. “There’s always a lot of cool conversations happening here.”

Start dripping at Drip Affogato Bar.

Drip Affogato Bar is located at 703 Carondelet St, New Orleans, LA. For more information, visit the Drip Affogato Bar website or call (504) 313-1611.

Don’t be surprised if your dog comes out with an official announcement to the restaurant — we’ll let this part be a bit of a surprise. Al talked to us about keeping things unique at Dat Dog.

“We always want this to be a fun and festive place where people want to eat,” he says. “Everyone that works here has individuality and we don’t suppress that.”

“Embrace your bliss” today at Dat Dog.

Dat Dog is located at 3336 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA. For more information, visit the Dat Dog website or call (504) 324-2226.