Feb 04


Feb 05


Let’s talk hot dogs. 

You can get a hot dog pretty much anywhere in America and for a good reason. It’s easy, portable, tasty and can be loaded with toppings. But what happens when you take hot dogs to the next level? Dat Dog! 

Dat Dog was founded in 2011 and wanted to do more than just any old hot dogs. The restaurant is packed with an explosion of bright colors inside and out. Al, the manager, was kind enough to speak to us.

“We want to always create a delicious, locally packed dog on a tasty bun,” he says. 

But the dogs are Dat Dog might not be what you’re used to. The sausages range from the Traditional German Wiener to the locally produced Alligator Sausage. Don’t worry about holding back on the toppings because you can choose from over 30!

Not much of a sausage fan? Dat Dog is way ahead of you. The DatBurger and DatChick are changing the way you use hot dog buns. DatBurger uses a 21-day aged ground beef and the DatChick brined in-house and served grilled or fried — all with the same great toppings that are available on the sausages. Veggie and vegan options are also available. 

Don’t be surprised if your dog comes out with an official announcement to the restaurant — we’ll let this part be a bit of a surprise. Al talked to us about keeping things unique at Dat Dog. 

“We always want this to be a fun and festive place where people want to eat,” he says. “Everyone who works here has individuality, and we don’t suppress that.” 

“Embrace your bliss” today at Dat Dog. 

Dat Dog is located at 3336 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA. For more information, visit the Dat Dog website or call (504) 324-2226.