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Feb 05


The French Quarter is renowned for its many oyster bars – and for a good reason. But there’s a place in the Lower Garden District that is giving folks in the Quarter a run for their money.

In 1919, Joe Casamento, an Italian immigrant, opened Casamento’s Restaurant on Magazine Street. The beautifully tiled floors and bar offer a timeless, vintage aesthetic from the moment you walk through the doors. (Yes, the tiles on the floor are the original tiles from 1919.)

If you only get one thing at Casamento’s, make sure it’s the world-famous Oyster Loaf. Don’t expect to grab onto your standard French bread here. Casamento’s uses “pan bread” for its Oyster Loaf, served toasted on the outside and super soft on the inside.

Going to the restroom at Casamento’s is a unique experience, leading guests directly through an active kitchen. You’ll probably run into CJ, Joe Casamento’s grandson, back there manning his post over the stove.

“We’re still cooking the same way we did when we first opened,” says CJ. “We deep fry and cook in these big cast iron pots on the stovetop.”

But that doesn’t mean that Casamento’s isn’t experimenting in the kitchen. They recently started serving oysters chargrilled with melted parmesan cheese over the top.

“You can lick the shells,” jokes Angela, one of the servers at Casamento’s. “We won’t hold it against you.”

Does Casamento’s look familiar? The vintage tiles and scenic location on Magazine Street make it a popular setting for movies and TV shows. Since the food is so good, it’s common for celebrities to become regulars — you never know who might walk through the door!

Add Casamento’s to your next journey down Magazine.

Casamento’s Restaurant is located at 4330 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA. For more information, visit the Casamento’s Restaurant website or call (504) 895-9761.