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Feb 04


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 Let’s be honest, you want a beignet. It’s part of the New Orleans experience. But not all beignets are created equal, and there are plenty of spots to devour the doughy, sugary treats.

Café Beignet on Royal is a beignet spot you’ll want to pump the brakes for. This French-inspired roadside bistro is overflowing with charm — and beignets.

“Café Beignet specializes in beignets, which are hand cut and fresh to order,” says Miles, Director of Business Development.

All three of our locations offer live jazz and a warm, friendly atmosphere.”

Cafe Beignet Beignets

The inside of the café is quaint and cozy, with vintage checkered tiles covering the floor and chairs with heart-shaped backs. Most locals opt to sit outside, in the courtyard under the shade. (As it turns out, the local birds are also fans of beignets, so don’t be surprised if you meet some adorable little-winged friends.)

So you don’t have much of a sweet tooth in the morning? Although we’re going to insist you try the beignets anyways, Café Beignet is far from a one-trick pony.

“In addition to the traditional beignets and coffee, we offer a complete breakfast menu, New Orleans specialty lunch items, pastries and a full-service bar,” says Miles. “Just about anything you might like to have during your stay in the French Quarter.”

If history is any guide, there are no brakes on this powdered sugar-fueled train.

“Café Beignet has been operating for 27 years and continues to grow,” says Miles. “We cater to people from all over the world, but we love to service our locals as well.”

Tell your friends that you have “beignet … done that.”

Cafe Beignet is located at 334 Royal St, New Orleans, LA. For more information or to look at a menu, visit the Cafe Beignet website or call (504) 524-5530.