Feb 04


Feb 05


There are plenty of places in New Orleans to get breakfast, but what about a place that was opened just for that? More specifically, a fine dining breakfast experience, going as far as offering wine pairings with each morning meal. That’s Brennan’s.

Since 1946, Breakfast at Brennan’s has been a part of the allure and history of the French Quarter. Brennan’s was opened by Owen Brennan as an answer to Count Arnaud’s claim “that an Irishman’s culinary skills ended with boiled potatoes.” 

(We’re glad Owen proved him wrong.)


Today, Brennan’s is doing more than just breakfast. The kitchen, visible from Royal Street, is a well-oiled machine, resembling a regimented military unit. The executive chef dispenses his orders to his sous chefs and cooks, but expects no verbal responses — only action. This strict, silent kitchen service avoids confusion and ensures flawless culinary execution. (It’s also a sight to behold!) 

Throughout breakfast and dinner services, the beautifully vibrant Chanteclair Room has a way of captivating customers.

“The walls are a hand-painted interpretation of Mardi Gras during the 19th Century,” says Victoria, a server at Brennan’s. “The story is that the painter found these images of Mardi Gras on old postcards.”

And if you can’t get enough of the nice weather, the courtyard at Brennan’s lends itself to a more casual experience, shored up by one of many classic cocktails from the bar. The Sazerac, a tried and true New Orleans original, is a cool shade sipper that is perfect after a day of exploring the winding wonders of the French Quarter. 

For the quintessential Brennan’s experience, you have to try a classic dish. Eggs Hussarde features homemade English muffins, coffee cured Canadian bacon, hollandaise and marchand de vin sauce, which is a red wine reduction — so don’t call it Eggs Benedict.

Do you like bananas? Well, how do ya like these bananas? Brennan’s invented Bananas Foster.

“Some people just say that they don’t like bananas,” says Victoria. “But they just haven’t had bananas covered in butter and sugar and then lit on fire.”

The Bananas Foster is prepared tableside, so get ready for a brilliant blaze — you might want to go easy on the hairspray because the flambé is intense. The bananas are smothered in butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, rum and vanilla ice cream. (This is one of those desserts you order whether you have room or not — it’s that good.)

Go ahead and spoil yourself.

Brennan’s is located at 417 Royal St, New Orleans, LA. To make a reservation or to look at a menu, visit the Brennan’s website or call (504) 525-9711.