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Your muscles don’t know that you’re on vacation. With that in mind, it’s probably a good idea to know where the hottest yoga studio in New Orleans is.

 And when we say “hot,” we literally mean hot. Bikram Yoga New Orleans specializes in hot yoga classes that can go for as long as 90-minutes or an express 60-minute class. Iman, an instructor at Bikram Yoga New Orleans, spoke about the added benefits of hot yoga.

 “The room is heated at 105 degrees Fahrenheit,” she says. “So, it gets hot. Really hot! The heat helps all of the muscles in your body loosen up.”

Never tried yoga before? Iman insists that there is no required skill level to participate in a full Bikram session.


“The great thing about this yoga is that it is literally for everyone. People of all ages, sizes and physical fitness can participate in every class. Every posture is set for beginners.”

Bikram Yoga Exterior

Bikram yoga, while doing wonders for your joints, flexibility and chronic pains, is also an incredible exercise. Students can be expected to burn an estimated 500-1000 calories during a full 90-minute Bikram session.

Okay, so you didn’t bring a yoga mat and towel on your trip? Bikram Yoga New Orleans is readily willing to accommodate. Towels and yoga mats are available for rent before class starts. There are also special three-day and seven-day Traveler Options available that include a towel and yoga mat as part of the deal.

Iman is convinced that the Bikram yoga community is one that is perfect for travelers.

“Once you enter the Bikram yoga community, you will be able to find a studio anywhere in the world,” she says.

Bikram Yoga New Orleans is located at 638 Julia St, New Orleans, LA. For more information, visit the Bikram Yoga New Orleans website or call (504) 265-8441.