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The Story

To get the full story of Antoine’s, you have to go back … way back.

In 1840, Antoine Alciatore opened a French-Creole restaurant that celebrated fine dining and family. Antoine’s is the oldest family-owned restaurant in the entire country and part of the New Orleans ‘Grande Dames,’ or original fine dining restaurants.  

Antoine’s is a decadent labyrinth of unique and fascinating history. The restaurant has 14 dining rooms, each with its own story and purpose. From a room dedicated to an exclusive escargot society to the Rex Room, a royal reserve for the King of Mardis Gras, Antoine’s has space for the entire city.

So, how do you get in? Is there a special knock on the back door or a code word you whisper to a burly bouncer? Just walk right in! We recommend visiting Antoine’s for lunch, when having a reservation is rarely required. (You still might want to make reservations during the evenings, especially on the weekends.)

Ever heard of Oysters Rockefeller? Antoine’s just happens to be the place that invented it — no big deal. Legend has it that the oysters were named after the business tycoon because of their richness.

And the culinary creations don’t stop there. You can scarcely claim your trip to Antoine’s is complete without an order of the Pommes de Terre Soufflées. This Antoine’s classic features fried puffed potatoes that are hollow on the inside.

“It’s like a big, fancy french fry,” says Charles, a third-generation server at Antoine’s. “This is a fancy place, but you can use your fingers.”

Here’s where those French lessons in high school come in handy — the dinner menu is entirely in French! So, when you see entrées like Escargots à la Bourguignonne and Cotelettes d’Agneau Grillées, don’t feel bashful. The French language keeps Antoine’s traditions and history alive through the years.

“Bon Appétit.” (That’s French for enjoy your magnificent meal.)

Antoine’s is located at 713 St Louis St, New Orleans, LA. For more information, visit the Antoine’s website or call (504) 581-4422.